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Pogo Ball (80s Fun is Back in Demand!) comes in Beautifull Gift Box (Ships from Chicago area, USA & Arrives Fast!)

Great Gift Idea!!! Give as a toy or an exercise item. Good for cardio or leg muscles. Any body can use it. Not suggested for people over 200Lbs.

Pogo Ball which was generally produced as a toy in 1985 can also be used as an exercising tool. It has other names as Lolo Ball, Spring ball, Disc-O or pogo ball. Hasbro invented this toy in 1985 and it became very popular amongst the kids in very less time. In the beginning it started with a craze, but in the next five years this craze faded away. But amazingly it again came back in 2008 and this time its being used for both fun and exercise.

Pogo Ball consists of a rubber ball which is fixed in a tough plastic platform. Pogo ball is no doubt a fun tool as well as a great source of exercising. The initial craze of this ball died in 5 years but now its being used as an exercising tool. It provides you with great balance and coordination.  It is also used in the elementary schools nowadays as a balance builder in the P.E. classes.

Exercising with pogo ball is a lot good for kids as well as for grown ups. You can jump with it, hop with it, anyway you like. In the beginning a little bit of balancing is needed which turns it into fun exercise. For jumping on the pogo ball you need to balance your weight on the bottom side of the rubber ball. Then you can jump or hop the same way as you do with a pogo stick tipping from side to side.

Pogo Ball exercising gives a good workout to your core muscles. Healthy core muscles give you a strong back and flat stomach. A pogo ball helps you in building leg muscles as well. Hopping on pogo ball makes your cardio muscles work which in return burn calories and fats and help you in reducing extra weighty of your body.

Using pogo ball is a great way to keep yourself fit and have fun but at the same time people also get injured when they fall over. Before starting any exercise you need to be well aware of the do's and don'ts and take care of few things.

Whenever you bounce with a pogo ball, bounce with the right way up. If it bounces upside down, the rubber of the ball might get damaged and the toy may break.

Make sure before using a pogo ball that it's not cold, as in this case the rubber might split.

Small children might fall off in the beginning, so supervision is necessary.

Adjust pressure according to your weight, the heavier you are the more pressure you put. You can put 200lbs of pressure as a limit.

As its quite obvious use pogo ball on a flat surface in a room.

You can start with pogo ball bouncing by taking support of a wall or any other person, by placing one foot on one side of the ball. Slowly place your other foot up to grip the ball between each foot instep. Start bouncing confidently with careful insteps.

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